Musella, GA Location
28.8 Miles
1529 ft Elevation
This route was logged by Cody Stewart:

There's no official parking for this route, my general advice is to drive to Dickey Farms and look for a parking spot that feels right to you. It was the day after Thanksgiving when I went, no one but a lonely man, stumbling down the middle of the road in sight. If I went again, and I likely will, I'd aim to go during Dickey Farm's business hours to score some peach ice cream after the ride.

The first 2 miles of this route are boring to say the least. In fact... I wasn't much in the mood to ride and almost turned around, glad I didn't though. This route proved to be a great one!

The road segments of this ride seemed dangerous, there's no "Share the Road" signs to be found. The roads aren't that busy and there's plenty of grass, so when I heard the humming of lifted pick-up trucks, I got in it.

You'll get your first taste of the good stuff when you take right onto Fair Play Hill Road. This road is 3.5 miles of packed clay. One thing to keep in mind, while on this route you'll pass several turn offs that don't look as groomed (or maybe they do), these are likely access roads/paths to hunting land. So stick to the road unless you've done your research.

Next up is 3ish miles of pavement, followed by 4 miles of packed clay, buzzards, red tail hawks, and hunting land. Nothing tough about it, just enjoy it.

After a quick half mile on East Hopewell Road, it's onto Allen Road and it's silkiness. There's a good varity of landscapes here, you'll dip in and out of scalped and hardwood forest... all laced together by hard packed dirt.

The next 4.5 miles are by far the best miles of the ride. Super smooth dirt (that happend to have just been groomed for me) leads you to farm land and fields lined with peach trees, in season they'll be hard to pass up. If you want to cut your ride short, take a left on to Clay Road, back to Dickey Farms. Want a few more miles? Take a right, make your way under the bridge and keep pedaling.

The final dirt of the ride is as tame as the previous and just as packed. Sadly it leads you to the last 3.7 miles of the route, which are pavement... but depending on the day, maybe you can score some peach ice cream.