Dallas, GA Location
21.5 Miles
1500 ft Elevation
This route was logged by Cody Stewart:

To get started on this route, park at the High Shoals Falls parking area. It's a no frills kind of area. Look for the cemetery and you've spotted it. No bathroom or water, so come prepared. If you want to tack on 13 more miles of the Silver Comet to this route, start out at the Tara Drummond Trailhead.

The first 3 miles of this route are smooth asphalt on chill back roads. There are a few punchy climbs, barking dogs, and plenty of signs to let you know you're on the right path. You'll come up on the Sheffield Wildlife Management Area check-in and info signage after a few more pedals. Like most wildlife management areas, land passes are required. Pick one up on gooutdoorsgeorgia.com. The good news is this pass last a full year, it's cheap, and it covers you for all the other Georgia WMAs.

The next 3 miles are are pretty tame. You'll end up going around a closed to vehicles gate and maybe even come across a snake researcher like I did. The terrian is mixed; mainly fine gravel with a little pit of pinestraw before you enter what I like to call "the hell stretch".

The next 4.3 miles are miserable to say the least. There's about 1.8 miles of sandy road and the other shitty 2.5 miles are teeth chattering and bone rattling. Maybe I'm being too harsh, but after a failed 3 miles out and back on some abandoned tracks with a puncture... I was spent.

Hands feeling a little numb, you can choose to take a right out of the WMA and stop at Richard's Bottle Shop for a cold drink or venture on. Before you hit the next stretch of non-asphalt, you'll bomb down a hill and do some climbing.

At mile 12 you'll turn onto Trout Stock Road and spend the next 2.3 miles wandering down a clunky forest service road until you hit the cut through path that'll land you on the Silver Comet. It's pretty easy to spot this path; it's at the bottom of a hill and you can tell others have used it.

After 2 miles on the Comet, you'll turn off onto a back road with a few houses occupied and abandoned. Another mile and it's time for more gravel on Johnny Monk Road. This'll be your final gravel, almost 3 miles of it. Finally you'll spend the last mile on smooth ground before ending back at the High Shoals Parking Area. Enjoy your high, maybe head down to the falls and rinse off.