Murder Creek

Jasper County, GA Location
25.4 Miles
1299 ft Elevation
This route was logged by Cody Stewart:

To start this route you'll park along the banks of Boyle Murder Lake in the Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center. Bring your fishing pole if you're into it, Murder Creek Lake is across the road and you'll pass a few more fishing holes along the way. There's a picnic table (with a chill view), porta potty, and plenty of free parking.

There's around 3 miles of paved road on this route, the rest of the roads range from packed red clay, chunky loose rock, and silky smooth dirt. Keep your wits about you, the terrain changes often and you'll want to pick your line wisely if your running thinner rubber.

Several places along the way you'll fill your nostrils with the smell of manure. It's good for the soul... so take it in, "moo" at the cows, and enjoy yourself. Keep your eyes peeled, because not only are there cows, but there's rumor that big foot roams the area.

Near the end of the route you'll creep up a long gravel hill and be rewarded with a paved descent, awaiting to be bombed at speeds over 30mph. Careful though, the asphalt gets sketchy at the bottom, leaving you something to laugh about with your crew.

More than likely you hit this route early on a Saturday or Sunday morning, as you roll back around to the lakes the fishers will multiplied. If you brought your pole you can join'em or you can enjoy a pecan roll and head home.