Soggy Feet

Juliette, GA Location
27.8 Miles
1753 ft Elevation
This route was logged by Cody Stewart:

Juliette Park on the Ocmulgee River is where you'll unload for this route. Take in the river and listen to the water rush over the falls just below before you head off. Beware, there's no bathroom's in sight, so take care of that before or once your deep in the Piedmont Wildlife Management Area. There's a couple of picnic tables for smashing your post ride food, so be sure to pack something to enjoy.

Head over the bridge and through a small neighborhood and you're on the gravel. You'll remain there for 95% of your ride. Except for the four creek crossings, which is how this ride got it's name. Three of the creeks are crossable on gravel bikes, leaving one you have to get creative on. Toss your shoes over, walk through it, or attempt to ride through it... either way, you've got to make it to the other side.

As you make your way through the Peidmont Wildlife Management Area you'll roll over various kinds of gravel. Some fine silky roads and some that are a little more chunky, making the decents feel like your floating. You'll encounter no homes once you're in the green zone, so make sure you're prepared with a tube or two and snacks. It's about as peaceful as you can get.

Rolling back over the bridge you'll be thinking about taking dip in the river before heading back to civilization... or maybe you'll be regretting you didn't attempt to bunny hop the smallest creek.