The Dirty Sheets

Palmetto, GA Location
19.9 Miles
927 ft Elevation
This route was logged by Cody Stewart:

You'll start this route out in the Cochran Mill Park parking lot, be sure to take some cash or a credit card, there's a small fee. There's bathrooms in case ya need'em and picnic tables to enjoy some grub after your ride.

The route starts out on Cochran Mill Rd, but don't worry, shortly after you'll be humming along the gravel for most of the rest of the ride. You'll travel past country homes and farms, some great scenery worth stopping and enjoying. On the gravel you don't have to worry about spotting too many cars, but keep an eye out for a dog or two.

The last 6 miles will feel the most remote and the road turns a little washy, after a rain prepare to navigate through a bit of mud. The rutted road is great on this section, it provides some technical downhills to let lose on. Keep in mind horse riders can be found on this stretch.

Finishing this route up will leave you thinking about the next time you can get away to the gravel.