Submit a Route

Glad you're interested in submitting a route, below's the process for contributing!

  1. The first step is to put a route together. If you're wondering how to do that, I've got a little article to get you going. Scoute your route, polish it off with findings, and make sure to take plenty of photos.
  2. Next open up a fresh Google Doc and start writting about it. Reference our template for how routes should be written up.
  3. Once you have your doc polished up with all the juicy deets, share it with me ( From here I'll shoot you an email with any questions I have and start adding it to the site.


If you have any questions, check the FAQ below. Still have a question, leaving a comment down below is preferred so others can benefit... but feel free to email them over too.

  • How long does my route have to be?
    There's no minimum milage requirement. We want all levels of riders to be able to find something to get rad with.
  • Does my route have to be 100% gravel?
    We like to document mixed-surface routes, board walks, bum trails, buttery smooth clay, quiet back roads, single track you name it. A full blown road ride isn't typically the vibe, but paved roads help connect the rad parts.
  • Do you only take route in a specific location?
    Nope, the website started out by documenting route in Georgia, but we're aiming for Gravel Happens to be location agnostic.
  • What kind of writing style is accepted?
    There's no prescribed way we like the routes to be written up. To the point turn by turn style is fine, story telling is also rad and fun.
  • If I submit a route, am I on the hook for keeping it updated?
    Nah, but updates are welcome. We realize it's hard enough to get out and ride. We hope the routes are getting enjoyed by others and the community comments or submits updates as time passes.
  • What if I just want to update a route already documented with new information?
    This is great, fire an email over with the details.